Hi! I’m Marvin.

Internet Guru. Insane Guru!

I’m a nerd. I love everything tech. Computers, gadgets and so on.

I love the web, and web technology.  I love servers, dev/ops!

I like programming and developing. I love looking at new frameworks, and have a weak spot for API’s! I also love servers, hardware, infrastructure and all. I need a bigger brain!


 Java, C (Arduino), PHP, Python, Ruby,  C#, Go, Fuse  & Uno (, Javascript, CSS, HTML
Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Cassandra, Varnish, AWS-stack.

(I do not know everything about all of these, but it’s cool technology – If I were a billionaire I would have the biggest tech-playground ever!)



And as of recently, I’ve become quite the hockey fan! Check out the one and only team! Arctic Eagles!


Star Trek, Star Wars, Whisky (skotch, single malt), Vaping, Hacking, Coding, Inventing, Dreaming.




Questions and contact? Drop me an email: